Why NextGIS?

Specializing in open source geographic information systems (GIS), NextGIS provides advanced yet affordable geospatial solutions and ongoing technical support to companies and organizations that work with spatial data, its representation, and its analysis.  

Managed by a group of GIS experts, NextGIS’s services extend beyond software provisions, separating NextGIS from the status quo. Some unrivaled services offered by NextGIS include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing, implementing, and the continuous support of customer GIS
  • Creating and processing geospatial data
  • Evaluating/consulting on finished projects 
  • Custom designing support programs based on individual needs 
  • Training customers, so future geospatial issues can be solved internally
  • There are no packaged software costs or licensing fees

For more information on how NextGIS can help you, please continue to peruse our website or call us at +7968-730-5252.