Demo Day

We will be presenting our brand new geodata services and sharing exciting news about other NextGIS products and geospatial technologies.
Don’t miss it!
September 26, 2017, 16:00 Moscow

tracking map editing mobile and web applications
geoprocessing data cloud services


Demo Day will take place on Tuesday, September 26 at 16:00.

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NextGIS Team

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What's new in NextGIS Web

What's new in NextGIS Web

Long-awaited online data editing right in Web GIS and vector tiles support to render big datasets.
Denis Rykov Denis Rykov
NextGIS Connect: joining desktop  and Web GIS

NextGIS Connect: from your desktop to Web GIS

New data update mode, publication of WMS/WFS/TMS services and much more.
Alexander Lisovenko Alexander Lisovenko
New premium features

New premium features

Backups, HTTPS, branding and more for your Web GIS at
Alexander Dezhin Alexander Dezhin
NextGIS — настоящее и ближайшее будущее

NextGIS — present and nearest future

Introduction to NextGIS, what do we do.
Maxim Dubinin Maxim Dubinin
NextGIS Mobile update

NextGIS Mobile update7

What's new in the latest NextGIS Mobile.
Stanislav Petryakov Stanislav Petryakov
New resources of NextGIS Web: Feedbacker and Data catalog

New NextGIS Web resources: Feedbacker and Data catalog

Ready-made solutions for user reporting and distribution for NextGIS Web.
Anastasiya Lisovenko Anastasiya Lisovenko
NextGIS Mobile next generation

NextGIS Mobile next generation

New mobile-capable renderer able to deal with hundreds of thousands features.
Dmitry Baryshnikov Dmitry Baryshnikov
NextGIS Tracking

NextGIS Tracking — plugging in GPS trackers to Web GIS

New Web GIS extension to receive data from personal and auto trackers.
Ivan Kovalev Ivan Kovalev
What's new in QuickMapServices

What's new in QuickMapServices

Monitoring and geographic search for geospatial data services.
Evgeniy Nikulin Evgeniy Nikulin

Global geodata extraction service
Ruslan Kiselev Ruslan Kiselev
NextGIS Processing

NextGIS Processing

Geospatial data processing services for end users.
Dmitry Kolesov Dmitry Kolesov
NextGIS Installer for desktop software

NextGIS Installer for desktop software

New system to distribute, install and update our desktop software.
Mikhail Gusev Mikhail Gusev

Join us at Red October

Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya 6, bld. 3, 6th floor
Deworkacy, Small lecture room

10 minutes on foot from Kropotkinskaya metro station, via pedestrian bridge from Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Call us with any questions:   +7 (968) 730-52-52